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, the u.s. justice department filing a lawsuit against arizona immigration law. allows police to stop someone to check their immigration status and makes it a crime for legal immigrants not to carry their documents. you know, every time this law gets described and sometimes we're guilty of it here on fox, it's always a tough new immigration law. how are the politics of this affecting the coverage? >> well, i think the media are pretty much against the state of arizona on this. but i think most interesting media angle hasn't really gotten enough attention was developed by a fellow named evan mcmorris santoro writing for talking points. the losers are the arizona democrats. they wanted this issue to go away and obviously, obama administration was not consulting with them because they're all going to get wiped out in november because they look like they're stooges for the national liberals who are opposing a law that's very popular, not only in arizona, but around the country. >> i think that kirsten wants to jump in on that and i want to ask this question. jan brewer, governor in arizon
and derailing improvements in russian and u.s. relations . >> that's false. you have a foreign affairs and russian security expert come on fox news and there are the same number of spies from russia in the united states as there was during the cold war. and other countries, too, it begs the question. how many other countries have spies in this country and spying on us. >> all countries. >>> and it is people using invisible ink and code. why didn't they leave them there and spy on them. >> the media and terrible troubles and constant request for money and couldn't get expensive technology to work . it doesn't get better than this . >> you have covered serious spy stories in the middle east. it could be a deadly business . russians killed all over europe and in london. and i do happening that obviously it is embarrassing for the president . only one newspaper, the new york times obama was unhappy with the story not the fact that the russians but the timing so close to the cheeseburger summit. i found that bizarre. >> is there a portion of this scandal, spy scandal that the press has miss
u.s. military footage of an aerial assault by a u.s. helicopter in baghdad that killed 12, including two reuters news staffers back in 2007. there were lots of concerns raised by these postings, judy, obviously, we heard some of there from the defense secretary and we heard more from the chairman of the joint chiefs admiral mike mull nenmullens. is this advocacy, do the journalists have the right to release anything they can get their hands on? >> what's really interested me, jon, the extent to which the journalistic community has divided on this issue, just as they did in the valerie plame case, which was of course, scooter libby's leaking of the name of intelligence person and for which he was conducted. there are many people who say this is just absolutely unacceptable in a time of war. many journalists believed that, even a liberal site on the federal of scientists. their secrecy project, it's totally unacceptable. so you're going to get very, very strong reactions on the media on this. >> three publications, will, got these things in advance. there's spiegel in germany and the n
from her job at the u.s. department of agriculture because her comments were perceived as racist and she explained how that happened on cnn. >> why are you out? >> why am i out? they asked me to resign. and in fact, they harassed me as i was driving back to the state office from west point, georgia, yesterday. i had to leave three calls telling me the white house wanted me to resign and the last one asked me to pull over to the side of the road and do it. she said, well, shirley they want you to pull over to the side of the road and do it. because you're going to be on glenn beck tonight. >> jon: mrs. sherrod did not get a chance to defend herself with the people who wanted her out or the chance to explain that the clip everyone saw was a small portion of a much longer speech in which the message was much different than what she was accused of. once the facts were out the context were clear, there were a lot of red faces in washington. >> based on incomplete information, and based on the decision that was made on incomplete information, the white house was supportive of that deci
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)